7 ways to save money on car rentals

22nd May 2023

7 ways to save money on car rentals

Wondering how you can move about with car rentals for less? Renting a car, whether for business or leisure, need not always mean a big dent on your bank account. A few simple hacks and better planning can help make a significant difference to your car rental bill. Read on to ensure you don’t end up paying more than necessary.

Compare rates online

As basic as it may sound, do your homework in comparing the different rental options available. Use an aggregator that gives you scores of options to choose from for your scheduled dates.

Check for offers and discount codes

With multiple car rental providers in the market, various kinds of packages, offers and seasonal discounts are generally up for grabs. Discount codes and coupons are also often available with other deal sites and forums. Scout around to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. 

Look for loyalty programs

If you foresee multiple car rental requirements in the near future, a loyalty program is an effective way to not just make savings on repeat bookings, but also opens the door to other rewards and upgrades.

Hire a car that meets your needs

While it may be easy to be swayed by premium and luxury options, especially when on holiday, look for vehicle options that fulfills your requirements and fits into your budget. Be prudent about the vehicle size and features you go for. Having your own GPS and child seats can help you avoid paying extra for such options.

Check the fuel policies

A fuel policy tells you how much fuel you pay for at pick-up and how much you need to replace at drop-off, and each policy has its pros and cons. Fuel policies can vary between car rental providers. Deciding on the right fuel policy, depending on the nature of your journey and the distance traveled, can help avoid unnecessary or hidden charges.

Choose non-airport locations

Airport branches of car rental providers, while convenient, generally tend to charge higher rates for their services than they would at a location away from the airport.

Obey all the traffic laws

Make sure you are well-aware of all the local road rules and signs to avoid paying needless additions of fines and penalties for speeding, illegal parking and other traffic laws that may be broken inadvertently.

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