Rawdat Tinhat

Rawdat Tinhat is one of the most beautiful camping sites where a grove of dense green plant cover adorned with aromatic tulips is in tune with beautiful sounds of birds, great atmosphere and fresh air. It is located 185km north of Riyadh, Rumah province. It is the final mouth of a number of valleys, its gorgeous image is completed by the sands of Nafud Ad Dahna that adorn its northern and eastern sides.


Discover the captivating magic that is hidden in Rawdat Tinhat in spring, as natural components blend together to create the best place to walk, explore, and spend a day-time picnic with family on green carpets.  Admire the sunset scenery, or enjoy a night barbeque party accompanied by the chatter and laughter of your friends. All you have to do is to prepare for the camping, get the necessary equipment from the stalls on the highway, choose a full-moon night, and enjoy the most pleasant and serene days, under the starry sky and the splendor of moonlight.

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