The word Riyadh comes from the Arabic word "?Raw?ah" which means gardens/meadows. Riyadh is the capital and home of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is not only the administrative and political capital of the KSA but also referred to as the cultural capital of Saudi Arabia due to the various cultural centers in the city, like National Museum, King ‘Abd al ‘Aziz Center, etc. It is a tourist destination from all over the world who want to discover a world of shopping, entertainment, and business.

You will enjoy exciting shopping experiences from malls, and the sand dunes combined with the brightest stars in the sky present the most magical experience in nature. Both the Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center and the Faisaliah Tower offer great views of the city skyline during the daytime and night. Riyadh National Zoo, located in the heart of Malaz is another popular tourist attraction. Endless entertainment destinations are always emerging for an intriguing and rejuvenating experience for city visitors.

You can enjoy a variety of experiences in luxurious restaurants that offer international dishes. At the same time, the local restaurants will tempt you with authentic flavors from Saudi culture.

Riyadh is known for some of its top attractions, which include:

Kingdom Centre Tower

Edge of The World

Al Nakheel Mall

Al Murabba historical palace

King Abdullah Park

National Museum

Riyadh Season

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